for Insurance

Crafted for the insurance industry, our Enterprise
Content Management for insurance system,
powered by OpenText’s Content Suite, manages the lifecycle of your organisation’s content.

Enhanced document governance

Exhaustive auditing

Environmentally friendly

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Content Suite 20 manages the
life cycle of your organisation’s

Document collaboration

Improve collaboration among employees, partners, and customers. Ensure that your employees have access to the latest and most up to date files.

Document workflow

Create standardised and auditable business processes. Benefit from increased efficiency and less lost time tracing missing information.

Electronic approvals

Track the progress of documents across your organisation. Quickly get the approvals you need. No printing or re-scanning is required.

Document repository

Manage files, documents and other content lifecycles, improve productivity, mitigate risk, and control the cost of growing volumes of content.


Content Suite 20, powered by OpenText, passes the most stringent security audits with encryption, authentication processes and authorisation practices. Secura, a leading provider of cloud services, hosts TIW’s Content Suite 20.

Privacy and data protection

Implement the privacy controls and data security required by the FCA. Content Suite 20 comes with compliance capabilities already included.

Over 18,000,000


Over 500


Over 1,000,000

ACORD Messages


Our Enterprise Content Management
for Insurance, based on Content Suite
20, also has

ACORD Messaging
Fully integrates with the IMR Bureau
using ACORD Messaging.

Business document management
B2B Premium and Claims handling.
Seamless integration
A full suite of APIs means seamless
integration with your back office
into the DMS providing straight-through
Combined 150 year experience
150+ years of experience working
with brokers and insurers in the
London market and globally.
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Our Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) system
has insurance cybersecurity at its core.

Protects your business assets

Our IDS signature database provides extensive protection and limitless vulnerability monitoring.

Encrypted workloads

Workloads are encrypted providing an addition layer of security.

Latest security technology

Track the progress of documents across your organisation. Quickly get the approvals you need. No printing or re-scanning is required.

Advanced DDoS protection

Advanced protection from DDoS attacks is built into the system.

Web application firewall

Protects against SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks, which can be customised to your requirements.

Encryption for Windows and Linux

A flexible, cost-effective way to achieve robust data protection for your business for both Windows and Linux servers.

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Our Enterprise Content Management for insurance is built with you in mind

Document management system created by tech experts for Insurance experts…
Crafted by TIW to help brokers, Insurers, MGAs and the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Market.

Digital first
All of your content is under one digital roof, allowing for content consistency and for the automation of business processes.
Go paperless
Our Enterprise Content Management for Insurance system helps your business go paperless, protecting the environment creating a better work setting.
Helps with GDPR
Know the location of your documents, prevent unauthorised access and respond quickly to requests.

Document management software
with security at its heart

Built with regulatory
requirements in mind your
content is safe and secure


Our Enterprise Content Management for
Insurance delivers detailed information about
users, documents, files and content for
auditing purposes.

Secure document exchange

Multi-Factor Authentication, 256-bit
encryption and password enforcement will
give you the peace of mind that your
documents are secure.

Disciplined compliance

Secure and retain business information from
different sources for both legal and
compliance purposes.

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“TIW’s professional and pragmatic approach enabled us, together as a team, to develop a well-designed application on time and on budget.”


Chief Information Officer

Legal and Compliance

TIW's ECM for insurance
gives you a wide range of
compliance capabilities
already built-in

Insurance records management

Rich Records Management (RM) options, tag
high-risk data, apply retention & classification

Single source of the truth

Keep track of your emails and digital
documents; avoid duplication.

System resilience

Secure and retain business information from
different sources for both legal and

Audit capability

See what documents users accessed, when
they accessed them and when they logged in
or logged out.

Arm’s length document access

Share documents securely with external

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