We have significantly experienced consultants in the insurance industry to help organisations digitally transform their business processes by providing Content Services Platforms focusing on the many documents, files and their content.

We create secure digital solutions to help you comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR and address data sovereignty.

TIW has been working within the Insurance industry for over 15 years and has a team with over 150 years of expertise who have worked with hundreds of different organisations.

This makes us uniquely placed to guide you through your digital transformation journey.

Expert business and technical consultancy

Insurance expertise

We become part of your team

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Our consultative approach to

We consult for our solutions
We provide a wide-range of
business and technology solutions
for you.

We consult for your solutions
We can guide you with In-house
solutions with expert advice.

We consult for your business
You might not know how to address
a business problem. We can help.

We help you build your own
We work with your team to help you
build your own solutions.
Business outcomes
Our consultative approach allows us
to define Target Operating Models to
deliver specific, measurable and
positive changes in your
Business cases
We’ll help you discover what needs
to be done, why it needs to be done
and how it can be achieved, backed
by clear evidence in a business case
with beneficial outcomes.
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Over 18,000,000


Over 500


Over 1,000,000

ACORD Messages

We don't just do software as
a service; we do people as a service

Our business technical experts work hand-in-hand with your insurance experts.
TIW helps brokers, Insurers, MGAs and the London Insurance Market digitally transform.

We can assist you with any issues you might have. We build technology to solve business problems.
You might not know what you need. Using our experience, we can help you decide.
We have over 150+ years of combined experience with over 500 organisations.

We can help you build your own technical solutions

We have over 150 years of
combined experience and
over 500 organisations use
our software soluions.

Cybersecurity for insurance

We’re fully-versed in the latest cybersecurity

Data warehouse implementation for insurance

We’re great with data. We can implement a wide
range of data solutions.

Data migration for insurance

We’ll make sure that your documents and data
are secure, accessible and work for your business.

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APIs at the heart of everything we do

The cornerstone of our
technological ethos

API-first development

ALL the functionality inside the
platform is accessible to you.

Access to the platform’s core capabilities

The flexibility to customise to meet the needs
of any requirement.

Best of breed technology stack

Give your business the edge over your
competitors and get more flexibility,
scalability, and control.


Opens all the functional elements of the
platform to you for integration to other core

Future Proof

Keep your business running today and in the

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TIW case studies

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for other clients just like you.

Bespoke BMS implementation
TIW successfully oversaw the implementation of a third-party bordereaux management system (BMS) for commercial insurer Tradex Insurance, ensuring the modified system was fit for purpose, compatible with its existing operations and fully met the insurer’s needs.
Download Case Study
Data warehouse overhaul
TIW reviewed and overhauled commercial motor insurer Tradex Insurance’s poorly functioning data warehouse, added new reporting functionality and trained the insurer’s staff to manage the warehouse in-house. The project restored management confidence in the data enabling it to be used for strategic planning.
Download Case Study
CUE time for change
TIW created an automated system to enable commercial motor insurer Tradex Insurance to extract and upload accurate and timely data to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE), the national anti-fraud database operated by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.
Download Case Study
Reinsurer claims data migration
TIW undertook a major bordereaux (BDX) data cleanseand migration project for a global reinsurer in support of its new investment in a centralised platform for the management of all portfolio business globally across its specialist property and casualty division.
Download Case Study

TIW's strong knowledge of the
insurance market allows us to
work closely as part of your


We can help formulate strategic technology goals to increase the efficiency of your business demonstrating how they can be achieved successfully.


We can help you make the most out of your business technology assets.


We can help you decide where to target your resources.

Business analysis

We’ll use our expertise to identify your business needs, saving you time and resources in the longer term.

Target operation models

We’ll help you understand where your business needs to be and to get there through clearly defined Target operational models and cost benefit justifications.

Programme delivery

We’ll help you deliver your projects on time and on budget.

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“TIW’s professional and pragmatic approach enabled us, together as a team, to develop a well-designed application on time and on budget.”


Chief Information Officer